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This site is a Database for everyone who's interested in Personal Best and "Adelskalenderen" Speedskating for Men and Women.

Special thanks to Frans van Bakel, Paul Schlösser, Vincent van Lierop for the information I got from them! Without their help this database would not exist.

A quick summary of the sources of information used:

  • Preben G Petersen (WSSSA) provided lots of data and the help of Paul Schlösser.
  • The early years the books from Jan Kleine “Schaatsjaarboek” (until 1973), papers and a lot of books in Dutch about speedskating
  • WSSSA books a lot of the them, editor Trond Eng from Askim (Norge)
  • Schaatsseizoen, publication from “Stichting Schaatsseizoen” editor(s) Hedman Bijlsma and friends it’s published every year
  • And from the internet, shown as links on the home page and a lot of more internet adresses
  • Yahoo groups about (speed)skating
  • Jakub Majerski and his website
  • SpeedSkatingStats (
  • Others which I may have forgotten...